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Meet our Mediators: Meet the Team


-Florida Supreme Court
Certified Family Law Mediator
-Parenting Coordinator
-Guardian Ad Litem

Tiffany specializes in all aspects of divorce mediation and marital mediation. Her practice covers every aspect of divorce and paternity cases including child custody, parenting time, and all financial matters. Ms. Tiffany offers a personalized service, which addresses the specific needs and interests of each party, recognizing every case is different. Divorce mediation is even more relevant during these difficult economic times with the need to look at costs and realistic options that are workable in each particular set of circumstances. Divorce mediation does not need to be a long, drawn-out process. Tiffany hopes to resolve all issues within one to two sessions in a relaxed and informal environment. This finite period often focuses objectives and narrows down the important issues. It also eases the emotional stress frequently associated with disputes.

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